About Us

( John Dewey )

Education is in the DNA of literally every Zimbabwean. They are always in search of education. For most Zimbabweans it is the only way out of poverty and the struggle for a better life.

Educational resources and equipment are needed to make this possible.

With the above in mind, there is an organisation in Zimbabwe called REBUILD SAKUBVA which is collecting resources for use in Libraries and Schools in a Township called Sakubva in a city called Mutare.  They approached us for HELP!

Sakubva Helpers UK was formed in 2015 by a group of retired teachers in the UK.

Schools and individuals mainly  in Chelmsford have and continue to make donations generously. We have  managed to send over 100 000 books, computers, musical equipment, and other educational resources to Rebuild Sakubva.  We have shipped the goods through individuals who have donated some space in their containers. We have a garage almost always full of goods that need to be shipped. If we can pay for our own container then we can do a lot more and better.

The folks in Sakubva want to help themselves. We are asking you to Help them Help themselves by donating whatever you can towards shipping costs.  


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